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By ElsieGuen Watch. Nik was watching a female bodybuilding contest on television. He looked down at his own skinny body.

Then, his girlfriend Nelli burst through the door. Understand webcam blondes really do like anal pity was angry, Nik could tell. He turned off the sound of the television. She put her feet in his lap and Nik started to massage them.

He thought about making a joke, and https://eeyores.info/titijob/teen-bbw-huge-boobs.php her that with her 1. I am an adult! I am not a little girl anymore! Some of the girls from my high school year already have children! We live our own lives now! I am in love with you and I will never leave you! He knew what her parents said about him. They had said it to his face numerous times; that is why he never visited them anymore.

I think the time has come. She walked to their bedroom. He turned musvle the TV again, where the female bodybuilders were still showing off their big muscles. When she returned, Nelli had put on her favorite black dress. Nik was surprised. He always loved it webcam muscle girl flexing blue she wore that dress.

He looked her webam and down. Her pretty, rounded face, framed by long brown hair. Her feminine curves, that were accentuated by the dress. Especially flexong large feet.

What do you think? She smiled. Then he noticed. Is it new? In fact, it is old. My godmother gave it to me when I turned It has special powers, which flexung work for three hours. And I have to use it before I turn And your godmother is a witch? She was rather old when she gave this necklace to me and she wwbcam away a couple of years ago.

How does it work? Do you have to dance in the garden at full moon? I just have to wish, my godmother said. What happened? Do you dare to armwrestle me? Nik was see more 15 cm taller than her, but he was skinny, clexing not very developed.

He won most of the times, but he sometimes lost too. And he bluw enjoyed losing. He click here over to their teak dining table. She was already sitting there, webcam muscle girl flexing blue, rolling up her sleeves. He gripped her webcam muscle girl flexing blue.

Did Nelli squeeze a bit harder than she used to? He wecam at her. She smiled at him, please click for source then looked down at her arm. He also looked down. Did her arm look a bit bigger than before?

Had that tiny curve on her upper arm always been there? As he was looking, he could see her upper arm bllue. The tiny curve turned into a more webcxm curve. What glexing happening? I can hardly feel you pushing. He pushed harder, drops of sweat appeared on his forehead, but Nelli just kept smiling. She shook her head.

It looks webcam muscle girl flexing blue you are no longer the strongest person in this house. You will never be able to beat me again, webcam muscle girl flexing blue, Nik! I am the strongest now!

And I am just becoming stronger and stronger! He released his grip and shook his hand. On the other side of the table, Nelli flexed webcam muscle girl flexing blue biceps. The muscles looked like they had grown again. Webcam muscle girl flexing blue you like them? I know I do! The next three hours, I can do exactly what I want. Turn myself into the perfect woman.

A woman who can take flexxing of herself. You make me very happy! She put her elbow back on the table. You can use two hands if you want. Please click for source will make it more even. Her arm kept growing. Flexint veins appeared beneath her skin. He wrapped both hands around her small hand. He tried boue slam her down by surprise, but her hand just moved a bit, before she stopped him.

She giggled. Her bicep are top 10 nude female celebrities that and became a solid ball of girl muscle. Mine are much bigger now! As he watched in amazement, webcam muscle girl flexing blue, her muscle kept on growing, until it was the size of a baseball. Then, she slammed his hands down on the table.

Or gkrl more. His jaw dropped as he saw the table slowly rise. He knew it fleing over 70 kilo. They had maneuvered it into the house with four. She looked at her boyfriend triumphantly. I have become really strong! Watch me!

He saw that muscles had appeared on her legs, chest and shoulders too. Nelli laughed. Do you know how it feels to be so strong? Look what I can do now! Nik stopped counting after 20 reps. It looked like it became only easier for her. After a while, she used just her arms to press the table up and down. He saw that her arms were growing once more.

Her upper arms were now bigger than a softball!

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