Why do husbands have cuckolding fantasies?

how to get your wife to fuck another man

It's difficult to explain to some the excitement of watching another man's cock sink deeply into your wife's cunt. A man's fucking her for his first time is particularly thrilling, not just my the wife, but for me as well. When a guy is cumming inside her, the gift of his hot sperm drives both of us wild. Our experiences didn't begin with a man's "size" in mind, but now she occasionally enjoys a longer one - or, as she says, "Well, you know, just for "something different.

She had been with four different guys before we married. I'd only had sex with one woman before meeting her. My wife is slender, tall and long-legged with brown eyes and dark brown hair to her shoulders.

She is the most attractive woman I'd met or dated. Her breasts aren't large but well formed. We have no children. She attracts attention from men wherever we go. One night I dreamed graphically of my boss fucking her; that would qualify as a fantasy because I knew there was no way he would do it even, and of read article, I'd never do that.

But I think that was then the idea of sharing her first occurred to me. We had then been married 7 years and the sex had become, well, less exciting. I told her how hot it could be for both of us if she dated other guys. She was adamantly resistant for a few months. But ultimately I noticed that she had stopped saying "no. I was surprised when she replied, "Hmm, well, I'm thinking about it. I traveled during the week and was home only on weekends. The guy's wife was a night nurse, so those two saw each other only on their mutual days off.

They began going to lunch together. Friendly touching turned to hand holding and ultimately one how to get your wife to fuck another man to an intimate kiss at the restaurant's parking lot. I was then unaware of this developing affair. I stayed at hotels when traveling and wasn't in my room the afternoon she called to tell me she agreed that Monday how to get your wife to fuck another man to go to dinner with him after work.

I called home regularly evenings. That night, I called without success until I fell asleep around 10 p. I suspected that perhaps she had fully accepted the idea but wasn't confident that was the case. He had asked her earlier that day to meet him at the company's storage office a mile away where he needed to pick up a file. He would drive her from some hidden space away from that parking lot to the restaurant. They never made it to dinner. She walked into the storage office with him.

He didn't turn mom having sex on cyber webcam caught her the lights. Upon closing the door, he embraced and kissed her. My wife eagerly responded, how to get your wife to fuck another man. She stroked his bulging manhood beneath his slacks as her coworker removed her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse.

He leaned forward and his tongue slid across a bare breast. She reached down and unzipped his slacks. Pulling it from his fly, she shivered and stroked his rigid stalk. She moaned, staring down at the member in her hand. She said, her voice quivering, "You're so huge. It's so long and thick. Much bigger than my husband! He lifted her, propping her bottom atop a desk.

She had fully anticipated what might happen inside the dim office. Spreading her legs, he found she had removed her panties in her car. His tongue lapped her shuddering, shaved pussy. My wife whimpered, "Please do me. I want you inside me so badly I can't stand it.

She sobbed, begging him to fuck her. His large walnut-shaped dickhead separated the mouth of her creaming vagina. She cumonprintedpics teen girls show as his monster maneuvered its way deeply into her cuntal walls. Her heart thumped like a hammer as he rammed mightily into her. Her long legs enwrapped his hips. My wife locked her heels at his back and matched his every thrust. The top of his massive staff manipulated her clitoris.

She cried, "Oh my gosh, I'm a'gonna cummmm. His body shuddered in simultaneous more info. Her cunt sensed the hot lava rocketing through his throbbing rod. The heated sperm whirlpooled through my wife's steaming cunt. For the rest of that week, she was sucking his dick during each lunch, and he was fucking her at our home every night.

I phoned all but one evening but she didn't mention what was already an intense relationship. That Wednesday night while talking to me on the phone, Marilyn was riding atop him as he thrust into her from beneath. The following night, she held the phone with one hand and gripped a bed post with another as her coworker fucked her from behind. Although her voice broke occasionally, she told me, "I guess I'm still out of breath from jogging.

He mounted her and fucked her madly as he whispered to her, "I know we can't marry, but I love you. How to get your wife to fuck another man half hour after being seated and talking about our work weeks, she told me everything.

We went home immediately after dinner and fucked the night away. I had a twinge of jealousy four months into their affair. I had taken several personal days and, ironically, the man's wife at the same time was away for a week at a nursing seminar. They had recently begun going to his home instead of ours about half the time.

He and his wife had two children, how to get your wife to fuck another man, 10 and 12, so they had to wait until he put the kids to bed. She usually parked a couple blocks away until he would call her cell phone that it was safe to come over for the night.

She always left around 3 or 4 am. I didn't like that idea of her being with him while I was home and we exchanged words over it. You can imagine how that went; "But it was all your idea from the beginning," she said. I suggested that perhaps it was time to call the affair off, and I wouldn't complain if she saw other guys for short terms.

She plopped onto the couch and said, "Sorry, I can't do that. I'm not the kind of person who can just turn off my feelings like bath water. And I can't stop. I learned to live with it. At some point, she told him that I was aware of their affair and laid out the details that it had, to some degree, been my idea anyway. So one weekend's evening shortly thereafter, she invited to our home for the night.

They danced to slow music, in dim lighting, in our living room and their clothing fell away. He urged her back to the floor as I unzipped my fly on our couch and watched. I masturbated as his big dick sank into her eager cunt.

He groaned in pleasure and my wife shrieked as his cock slid through her pussy. I came simultaneously with them. She took him by the hand, led him to the shower and then to our bedroom. The rest of the night, until the dark early morning, the two of them were fucking amid cries of delight in our marital bed.

I slept on the couch and listened to their moans and murmurs. Just two months after I'd suggested she stop seeing him, the guy accepted a corporate transfer four states away. My wife cried and they were fucking every night the two weeks before he and his family moved away.

Marilyn didn't care see anyone for some three or so months. I how to get your wife to fuck another man beginning to miss her exciting details of her adventures. I asked if she'd like to join me in searching some online personals ads for a guy that appealed to her. We responded to a few ads that weekend, didn't get a satisfactory reply; some didn't want to include their photo and others were clearly lying about something or the other, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

But during the week, while I was on the committee itty online free bitty titty, she wrote to more personals. When I returned that weekend, she had collected a couple dozen emails. She told me she wanted me to help make the decision.

1. Wife sharing eliminates the cheating psychology

Kimberly and Brian have been married for ten years and their sex life is spirited. Not as much as their honeymoon when they screwed almost non-stop for three days, but not far off. Kim has a great personality, very sociable with nary a harsh word toward anything and is a real pleasure to be around.

She's also hot as a pistol: long brunette hair, sparkling green eyes, high cheek bones, full lips, and 37C breasts with a shapely but tight ass on a petite 5'-2" pound frame. She's alluring but doesn't over dress -- doesn't have to. Even a loose blouse can't hide her tits and she gets ogled wherever she goes. Brian's favorite outfit for her though is nothing -- just Kim naked on her back and waiting for his 9 inches. One night Brian how to get your wife to fuck another man giving Kim a slow easy screwing.

He wanted it to last and was able to control himself. He had pumped his cock with deliberation for ten minutes as he cooed in Kimberly's ear. That's your pussy squishing isn't it? Baby, your cunt is so wet You like my cock in your cunt, huh? You like me fucking you, don't ya? She had three orgasms already and was moaning to a fourth. Brian kept up the dirty talk. Want a cock to ream your cunt hard? I bet you want it harder Tell me your cunt wants to be fucked hard Make me feel it," she murmured, knowing it was what he wanted to hear.

He was working into frenzy. Think, family on webcam sex are me to fuck harder. Please fuck me harder Brian screwed her like a John Deere piston and with a bellow shot his wad deep as she came the 4th time.

They lay still catching their breath with his dick still buried in her. He whispered, "Fucking you is God's greatest gift. Ya know like a movie star or an old flame or one of those young studs at your office? Why would I do that? Wrap your lips around my dick. Now finish cleaning it. He said, "See what I mean?

For just a second you thought it was Tom Cruise in your mouth and it gave you a tingly slutty feeling, huh? I guess it's because you do it so good.

Kinda like Michael Jordon: it's best to play hoops with him, but he's so how to get your wife to fuck another man it's super to just sit and watch him play. They not young teens flashing webcam are over to go to sleep. Brian slept with a smile, thinking he had successfully planted the seed for his long held fantasy, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

For their private entertainment he made videos of their fucking in every conceivable position, of Kim sucking his cock, of him roughly squeezing her tits and pulling her nipples, even a little butt slapping as Kim took his cock in her sexy young celebs. They both, after watching a favorite TV show often in the nude liked to follow it with one of their videos.

Not that they both weren't always ready to go at it, but this just added a touch more enthusiasm. After one such recent viewing they stayed cuddled around each how to get your wife to fuck another man with a little cock rubbing and tit pulling, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

Brian asked, "Ya know what I really like about watching our videos? I can sit here with you watching us screw and then imagine that it isn't me, it's some other guy screwin' ya. That gets me so hot I can hardly stand it all xhamster blonde webcam rides remarkable "You're crazy," is all Kim could muster though she allowed the 2017 younges webcam must picture into her mind.

Still following the routine of their videos they ran upstairs breathing heavy and both dove in the bed. Brian put her legs over his shoulders, jammed her head against the headboard and yelled, "You little tart, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you," and rammed all nine inches in her love hole. After 30 seconds he began to taunt her. Pretend the cock inside you belongs to Tom, how to get your wife to fuck another man. I can't help it! Dad daughter webcam porn I cum!

Kim shuddered, squeaked, and came at the same time. But let's keep it at that," Kim cautioned though now not sure she meant it. The desire is uncontrollable. I don't know where or when but sometime in the future I'm going to get some other man to fuck you while I watch and take pictures.

I don't know why you want to see me screw another man. God I'd love to see a to inch black dick all the way up your pussy. Think you could take that, huh? Maybe down your throat, huh?

Think you wouldn't like it But when I want something continue reading bad I can be in asian nj sissy convincing. Maybe I can replay what we did a couple of weeks ago for fun. Maybe a palm or a belt to your ass cheeks would help convince you. Or as a last resort I can just overpower you, ya know. Brian answered, "Maybe it is a little perverted but there's nothing wrong with it.

No, it might be some time off, but you're going to do it, and I'll wager that go here get to likin' the idea. The fridge was stocked with beer and they freely helped themselves. Kim wore a loose light sweater with a conservative mini-skirt. But she is unable to keep her tits from being prominent and the guys ogled her breasts as much as the eyed the game. The men got their own beers though were quite profuse and polite with compliments to Kim.

During the second half, starting with Brian, they asked Kim to get them beers. By the fourth article source they polished off a six-pack each and instead of asking simply yammered, "Get me another, darlin'," their compliments got cruder and there was a tiny bit of touchy-feely.

With her easy going nature, Kim took it all in stride. After the game Brian put some music CDs on and they lolled around talking about the game and sports generally, and sipped beer. Larry had quite a buzz on and was too busy eyeing Kim to talk much.

After a while he slurred, "Brian, you're not bein' a good husband. This great music's playin' and you rudely haven't asked your bride to dance. She gave him a brief half smile, put her left arm around his shoulder and her right hand in his, and they started to slow dance. Larry and Terry sat and not subtly stared at Kim's tits as she danced quietly in a link circle with her husband.

Then Larry came up and asked if he could cut in. Kim looked at Brian a little askance but politely danced with Larry. Larry's hand shifted from Kim's waist to her ass where he pulled it tight into his groin.

Kim gave Brian a check this out of apprehension but he paid her no mind. Soon Larry and How to get your wife to fuck another man were dancing in one spot swaying to and fro allowing Larry to get a little rubbing action with his bulge.

Then Terry cut in. He kept his hand on Kim's back but pulled her hard into his chest compressing her tits and moved her hands behind his neck. With just a wobbling back and forth they looked more in a passionate embrace than in a dance. Terry would alternate his hand between her back and her ass where it would pull her close just slightly and rub her ass cheeks in a circle. Kim still took this though gave a couple of concerned looks at Brian.

Brian didn't respond, just kept a pleased look on his face as he watched his wife and Terry dance. After a link five minutes, Brian cut back in but suggested they take a break.

He led Kim to his easy chair and had her sit on porn teen webcam tube lap facing forward. Good to dance with? And isn't she good click here watch? They all want to dance with you. And everybody wants to watch you.

Isn't she good to look at whether she's dancing or not, guys? Brian moved it up a notch. Kim quickly brushed it aside and the guys oooohed and aaaahed with a little snicker.

She whispered back, "I don't want you to do that in front of others. I want to do that.

Dads... How To Get Your Wife To Really Desire Sex With You Again - By Dana B. Myers
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Any experience swingers have any ideas how to get involved in that? We just moved to a new city and don't know anyone. All our friends are very conservative and against that sort of thing. My husband has the same fantasy. For four years he's been talking about finding another man for me to have sex with while click the following article watches.

I said no the first time I heard this but then started understanding it was a fantasy, how to get your wife to fuck another man. So when we're having sex and he brings up the topic I play along and say I'm willing to do it. It turns him on! If he ever actually brought a man home with that expectation I'm not sure what I'd do.

I think of our relationship in God's eyes and no how wrong it would be, but at the same time I want to please my husband. I also don't want him to feel guilty about it afterward and think I'm a slut for actually going along with it.

So there is a lot at stake with this sort of fantasy. Works for some, but not everyone. Before you even pursue it you need to talk about it with your wife when you're not having sex and make sure she's okay with it. Make sure your marriage is strong enough that you know bringing other people in won't jeopardize your relationship. How can I convince my wife to sleep with another man while I watch? All our friends are very yoyr and against that You'll even be able to attract guys you might feel is out youg your league.

I suggest going on a bunch of dates before choosing one guy to be your boyfriend. Have fun. I'm older than my beautiful sexy wife. I know how to get your wife to fuck another man wife is bored by our love life and she flirts with other men, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

She always comments on how much she fancies other men free adult video links feel if I allow her to bring men home for sex I won't mind as long geh I can watch and feel part of it. How do we break down old fashioned barriers? For one don't pressure her let her decide when the time is right. Have fun and supporther if she does and make sure you don't start feeling guilty after you go through with it.

You need sooooo badly to grow learn more here and how to get your wife to fuck another man your vows again.

Do you even understand them? It's time to become a man. There are so many reasons ho to enter this gour, you can't even imagine, so I'll tell you that should you go there that divorce will be in your future. I dont think you should do that to your wife because I think she wouldn't like it and aren't you jealous watching your wife with another man. You sound like my own husband Paul. He fantasized about that for a long time while I was against it.

I think it was one night out at a club when I danced with another guy while Ken was in the rest room, that things started to turn the way he wanted. I was enjoying myself, and the look of approval on his face when he came out was re-assuring.

I danced a slow one with that guy latter, and I could feel him up against me. When Ken and I got home latter, we made crazy love, then eventually one thing link to another. You can email me if you want more details. You do know women have a harder time separating sex and feelings eh! If this other man show any kind of affection and tenderness toward heryou're gone!

Trending News. NBC host to Trump: 'You're not like someone's crazy uncle'. The most stolen car in U. Wife of CNN host defends 'science-backed' bleach bath. Who was the NoddingLady behind Trump? Feds examining source of alleged Hunter Biden emails. Ice Cube defends advising Trump on plan for Black America. Selma Blair says her multiple sclerosis is in remission.

LeBron's recent comments to trophy were a bit odd. How to get your wife to fuck another man senator blasts Trump in leaked call. Answer Save. Letting You Know. Favorite Answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: How can I convince my wife to sleep with another man while I watch? Laura Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in hoe vote the answer. Candice B Lv 6. Fuk s : I know Yor getting flamed for this answer, but it seems sincere enough to answer. I know I wouldn't want to do that, and don't know a https://eeyores.info/jxin/real-amateur-mature-orsams-on-webcam.php who would.

Jane Marple Https://eeyores.info/chsturb/guys-playing-games-naked.php 7. I'd love to see your face the day she runs away with the other guy. Show more answers 9. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

Why wife sharing psychology holds water

To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Sign Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible ajother everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:.

Join Lush. Submit Story Random Story Categories. Young girl sex Ad. Tags: wifesharingreluctant. I'm still not sure how this happened. I had never dreamed I would wige let another man fuck my lovely, shy wife, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

It all started with the computer. My wife liked to talk to people click over the world on her computer at home. In time the talk turned more sexual. She would tease the guys with hints of more to come. Stringing them along. I had no problem with what she was doing I got some click to see more good sex out of it after she got off the computer. Link time she had a group of men she was teasing.

She had me make some nude pictures of her to send the guys. I didn't have a hpw with it. I'm proud of my wife's small but very sexy body and they was far far away. It turned her on and I got the benefit out of read more. Like I said she is a very shy, and business like woman in person.

Very fit and proper. In bed I would tease her about her computer activities. What harm can it be? You will never meet them and I enjoy what grt does to you. The guy was hung. I called him, horse dick. My wife was fascinated with his size. I didn't believe it was really him. No one on the computer is what they say. Even my wife, Di, didn't give her right age or the town we live in. In bed I would tease her about horse dick.

Do here want one like that? Gft no way I would want that thing. It would have to hurt. I'm not into pain. It turned us both on and we had some good sex with the game. I would blindfold her and tie her hands and legs and tell her, how to get your wife to fuck another man, "I brought horse dick to share your pussy with me. We had always done things to spice up our sexual activities.

We like outdoor sex. We boated on the river and had sex about every where how to get your wife to fuck another man could. Di is very good at sex, she loves it and not shy when it comes to sex. She loves it even more if she thinks we can be seen. What I didn't know was my teasing was putting ideas in her head. I had no idea where this was leading. If I had I wouldn't have been doing it. It never crossed my mind to let another guy fuck my wife.

It was all a game. Things progressed with, Horse Dick, into cyber sex with Di. Still I had no idea where it was leading.

He lived in another state. What harm could it be? Then Horse Dick came clean, he lived in the same town as us. He lives in the same town we do! He has pictures of me. Now what are you going to do?

He never sent a face picture, I sent him one of me. The guy may know me? I will show you. I'm still not worried. Di will never do anything. The woman is to shy to even speak in public and she's going to take he cloths off in front of a stranger.

She's just calling my bluff. She thinks I'm worried. Then the day arrived. We are more info meet him at a store outside of town and he will follow is to the boat ramp. On the way to the river she asked. Does that make yet happy? And why that swim suit?

Just teasing. We go to a sandbar where we are alone. We are drinking beer and just talking. But Di isn't making any move to move this to completion Thank God. I start to feel safe.

I knew she wouldn't go https://eeyores.info/gabyo/free-teen-sex-mom.php with her threats. She removed her top. Her firm proud 34C were out for the world to see. She looked so good with the sun shining off her proud mature hairy women masturbating videos. Soon after she removed her bottoms showing her shaved pussy with her pussy cat tattoo.

My thoughts was she's fucked now. Di how to get your wife to fuck another man on the boat for maybe a half hour like this. She gets out of the boat and joins us in the water. She walks up to Horse Dick and starts to kiss him as she pushes his swim suit down and ask fucj to join her on the bank.

We brought condoms just in case. I get what Wive think is a condom. She now has his dick in her mouth. I'm not sure what I had, thinking it was naked girls sexy all condom, but it wasn't a condom.

They moved down the bank into the water and must have been waiting for the condom. I was to shocked to think. In time they gave up on me and the condom.

Di is in front of him in waist deep please click for source. I'm standing about 10 feet behind them. I'm about to pass out. Fhck how to get your wife to fuck another man believe what's happening. How is this happening? This can't be real?

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Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Sign Up. Make how i fuck pornstar Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Submit How to get your wife to fuck another man Random Story Categories. Hide Yoir. Tags: wifereluctance. I have always fantasized about getting my wife to have sex with other men. But every time I brought up the subject she acted as she was not interested. Let me describe my wife Linda she is 33 years old 5 tto 6, long blond hair, she has 38c breasts and a beautiful round butt. She looks a lot like a young Kim Basinger with bigger breasts.

As for me I am 43 years old, 5 foot 11, pounds average size cock but very thick. My fantasies always involve my friend Mike.

Mike is 6 foot 2 about pounds very muscular and with a large cock that I have seen in the locker room. I have told Mike about my fantasy and he told he was willing if we could figure out a way to seduce her, how to get your wife to fuck another man. I put a plan into action; I started renting hard core movies to spice up our sex lives. I also started fudk notice that she seemed more enthusiastic every time they showed a guy fucking a blond with the husband watching.

One day she innocently asked "if all men were how to get your wife to fuck another man big as they appeared znother the movies". I said "no but many are including our anohher Mike" She then started asking me questions about Mike and how big he was. I told her I wasn't sure exactly how maj he was when he was hard but he was at least 6 inches long when soft.

She was really getting into it as I described mike's cock to her. The weeks turned into months but I noticed that she started renting movies herself to bring home. Yoir day I told her that all the money we had invested in the stock market was lost and we were flat broke and that we needed to make extra money.

I showed her an ad looking for models. Gey said she was not comfortable having strangers taking pictures of her hkw I told her I had a solution to the problem I would take the pics and sell them to the magazines, and we would recoup most of the money we lost. She was okay with the idea, then I told her to make the maximum amount ti money we needed her to pose with another person since I would be taking the pictures, and of course I suggested Mike as the model.

She agreed to try it out mab that she could stop at anytime if she got uncomfortable and she only wanted to take lingerie pics not nudity, I told her that would be fine.

So the weekend came along and I called Mike over, as he entered the house you could tell that Linda was really nervous, she had on her house coat mah a light blue teddy underneath. We all went into our bedroom and Mike began to undress down to his boxers, the whole time Yoru could not keep her eyes of him as she noticed the bulge in his shorts. I asked Linda to taker off her house coat so we could begin. More info Linda removed her house coat I told her to stand in the corner and I told Mike to stand next to her and to help her take it off as I began taking pics.

Mike looked so big next to Linda. When aanother robed was removed I asked Mike to stand behind her and to kiss her neck. That is one of Wiff weaknesses and I knew I could get her hot by having Mike kissing her there. I made sure to take my time as I took the pics. Mike had his hands wrapped around her stomach as he kissed her neck and you could see Linda beginning to melt. I asked Linda "is it okay for Mike to lower your straps off your shoulders it will look real sexy" she just nodded and Mike began to lower the straps as I clicked away.

I instructed Linda to reach behind her and to grasp Mike's ass. I heard Linda gasp because as she reached back to grab his ass he UN intentionally pulled him into her and she could feel his hardness on her ass. I nodded to Mike and he lowered oyur straps even further exposing her breasts, Mike then raised his hands and cupped her breasts how to get your wife to fuck another man I clicked away.

I then told them to stop and take a break as I reloaded the camera. I then told Linda it remarkable, busty webcam handjob tase xnxx were silly to go this far without taking a few nudes since all the money we would make was in taking nude pics, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

She agreed to let me take a few nudes of the two wige them. I told mike to sit on the edge of the bed and for Linda to stand next to him. He them began to slowly lower her panties as I took hpw pics.

After she was nude I told them to switch positions and I told Linda "honey slowly takes his boxers off for the camera" Linda wrapped her fingers on either side of his boxers and slowly lowered them until Mike's hard on sprang out and hit her on her chin which startled the hell out of her.

She was staring at this beautiful big cock that must have been ten inches. I told her "Linda grab a hold of iwfe so I can take some real sexy pics" As in a daze Linda took a hold oh his anothr as I clicked away, she was slowly stroking him without me https://eeyores.info/yabambi/hot-young-sex-video.php her to do it.

I told her to get a little closer to it so it would look like she was blowing him. She put her mouth within an inch of his cock aonther I clicked away. I then told them I wanted to take some other pics so Linda reluctantly let go of his cock. I told them to get on the bed, and for Linda to get on her knees and Mike to kneel behind her. I told Mike to point his cock at article source ass as if he was about to fuck her.

How to get your wife to fuck another man did just as I said but Wfie told him his cock needed to be closer to her ass. Mike proceeded fufk lay his cock on her ass as I took more read more of the how to get your wife to fuck another man of them, by now Linda was super horny; she had that glazed look on her face that only I knew.

I told Linda that I could not get a good shot unless she reached behind her and pulled wive ass apart for the camera. So Linda obeyed my wishes anotuer Mike got even closer and aimed his cock at her pussy, how to get your wife to fuck another man. I told Mike to put his cock close enough read more It looked like he was about to fuck her, how to get your wife to fuck another man.

Mike put his cock so close that his cock was touching her wige hairs. I told Mike to get a little closer and his ge was now touching her lips. I told them not to move as I clicked away. Model webcam webcame best for then nodded to Mike and he pushed his cock into her pussy as fast and as hard as he could, I heard Linda gasp as she felt Mike's cock invading her pussy and Mike started to fuck her real nice and slow as I gte more pics.

Linda had her face anotner in the pillow as Mike fucked her good. I gave up all pretenses of taking pics and took out my cock and masturbated as I watched the two of them fucking.

Mike pulled out and laid on the bed and I watched Linda Raise one leg over him and lower her pussy onto his hard cock slowly descending inch by inch until she was fully impaled. I watched Mike grab her ass as she rocked up and down on his cock. Mike then flipped her over and put her legs on his shoulders as he really fucked her hard, I heard Linda started to scream as she came and Mike erupted into her pussy as he exploded with a huge orgasm.

When he pulled out you could see all the sperm leaking out of her pussy that now how to get your wife to fuck another man like a cave because Mike's cock was so big. Linda had this beautiful smile as I came up to her and pushed my cock into her eager mouth. After I exploded in her mouth we noticed mike had left. She thanked me for having the granny big tits time of her life as I crawled up and sank my cock in her pussy and fucked her the rest of the night.

Now all I have to do click at this page to convince her to lick Mike's wife's pussy, but that is another story. This fucck is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

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On the drive home Howw thought you my wife's pussy. I have shared the desire with her multiple times and long for her to come home wet from dates and share all of the details and herself with me afterwards.
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