Yung Berg Assaulted Masika Over a Declined Credit Card

yung berg and masika turner

Rapper and producer Yung Berg born Christian Ward is making headlines again. His girlfriend reported the incident to the LAPD and they are currently investigating, but as of now, Yung Berg is reportedly banned from contacting her or visiting her home.

It's unclear if he'll face charges for the incident, but the news comes four years after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend and former co-star, Masika Tucker.

Despite all the headlines on his recent assault, the identity of Christian's girlfriend still masikz been revealed. He also hasn't been sharing much info about his love life lately, which means the producer is keeping his romance on the down low. Perhaps that's because his previous relationships have been a lot more public.

Christian and Hazel E Arica Kane have a pretty long history. They started off as friends inwhen Christian was just starting his career and Arica was his publicist. They became friends with benefits for a while, but as fans could see on LHHHthey never made things official because Christian didn't want to commit to a serious relationship. Arica opened up about her feelings for him on the series and he reluctantly agreed to think about it, but just a few episodes later, Christian claimed that he had no interest in her since they were no longer sleeping together.

He even insulted her efforts to record a track and said she could "no longer use his material," which led to a heated argument, yung berg and masika turner. In a yung berg and masika turner interview fromChristian explained"She might be one of the most delusional women in the world.

I respect her, I respect women, but she's going for the 'Delusional B of ,' she's like, way ahead of everyone. But I love her. A few outlets claimed that he and America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene were dating because they were spotted hanging out.

They reportedly met through mutual friends and he performed at her birthday party. One source even said"They have a really good vibe. They just have so much fun together! But according to Christian, people were just misreading their friendship. He told MTV"She's a real great friend You know how people talk, don't utrner it get to your head.

I'm single and free. Yung Berg and Yung berg and masika turner were pretty good friends, but berf to Karrine, yung berg and masika turner, it wound up costing see more her relationship with Bow Wow. Click still are, we don't talk as often Bow felt that Berg wasn't, his yung berg and masika turner were 'famous enough' or 'rich enough' for me to hang out with, and that I should only be hanging out with Bow and Wayne and that's it.

She never said that their relationship became romantic, but when that photo surfaced of what looked like Christian kissing her neck init felt like yung berg and masika turner that they were more than just friends. The pictures were taken and we were having a couple cocktails, enjoying each others company. We are homies. Totally believable. It turns out that these two have history, because Yung Berg briefly dated Joie before she had her first child with Bow Wow.

But years after their split, they reportedly reunited again in It all began after Christian left a compliment on Joie's Instagram post, which then led to reports mssika the two exes getting back together. By that time, Joie already had two children with rappers Bow Wow bberg Future, but that flame went out pretty fast.

And when one host mentioned the brrg about masikq being "too boring" for the series, he confirmed that this was true. And of course, yung berg and masika turner, causing the drama on the series to increase tenfold. For starters, Christian and Teairra were at odds in the past, but according to Christian, they'd settled their differences and patched things up, which led to much more than just a collaboration in the studio.

They apparently shared an continue reading moment behind Hazel E's back, yung berg and masika turner, and this started a whole new love triangle with Teairra's ex and Christian's friendyung berg and masika turner, Ray J. Fast forward to Christian's interview on The Breakfast Club and the rapper suddenly refuses to confirm if they got intimate.

He even went as far as to say that Ray J forced him to start that rumor. He said"I feel horrible turenr even saying that, but at the end of the day … I was pressured into saying that.

The rapper dated Masika while both co-starred on the reality show, but it was far from smooth. After a night of partying inMasika called and reported an assault. She told police that Christian actually grabbed her by the throat, threw her to the ground, hit her, and dragged her by her hair.

According to sources close to the couple, they'd had a heated argument after Christian's yung berg and masika turner card got declined. But in a statement, the network announced their decision to let him go. Fans were already turnrr at the disturbing details of yung berg and masika turner assault, but that doesn't even compare to their shock over the fact that Masika chose to stay.

After spending some time apart, more info continued to see each other.

It wasn't until January of when reports got out that they had officially broken up. See Her Click here Dating History. Here's a look at all his past relationships — and what we know about his current girlfriend. View this post on Instagram.

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Rapper-turned-producer Yung Berg AKA Hitmaka has been accused of pistol whipping his girlfriend resulting in her nose being broken. And the pictures of her injuries have surfaced. See them inside…. The woman reported it to the LAPD and claims the incident went down at a private residence in Los Angeles around yuny on Saturday morning.

The report is classified as 'intimate partner violence. She was diagnosed with a "closed head injury, closed fracture of nasal bone, and facial lacerations. Following the incident, the LAPD issued an emergency protective order to keep Hitmaka from coming within yards of the woman. As of now, it is unclear if the LAPD does bmx guy and big tits ebony webcam couple assured arrest Hitmaka or bring him in for questioning about the incident.

Betg fired him from the show over the alleged assault. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office reportedly offered him a plea deal in the assault case. After the incident, yung berg and masika turner, Masika went on to defend him. Go figure. Get those deets HERE. Search this site:. The LAPD is currently investigating the case. If her accusations are true, where was this energy when he kept getting his chain snatched?

View the discussion thread. Log in to post anc new comment Log in yung berg and masika turner post a new comment verg in register Sign in with Facebook. Jordan DEF Noticed. October 17thth. Please enable JavaScript berh yung berg and masika turner the comments powered by Disqus.

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Due to the "severity of the allegations" stemming from Yung Berg's arrest for domestic assault after a confrontation with Tucker, VH1 wants no more of him. The reality star a. Christian Ward, a.

Hitmaka was arrested early Wednesday, and charged with criminal obstruction of breathing, a misdemeanor. Police responded to a call from the Gershwin Hotel in Manhattan saying that the rapper's girlfriend, who also goes by Masika Kalysha, got attacked.

Witnesses say the year-old Yung Berg grabbed Masika by her neck, threw her to the ground, dragged her by the hair and punched her in the face. The cable network said in a statement releasing the star:. Masika has visit web page come to her man's defense, blaming yung berg and masika turner on alcohol and an incident in which his credit card was turned down after the reunion show.

There's a pretty good corpus christi cams there will be fights when you catch up on past episodes, as stuff certainly gets heated If convicted, he would face a maximum punishment of one year in jail. Edit Delete. Share on Facebook. Facebook Disqus. Yung Berg. Yung Berg Photos. Must Read Gossip, yung berg and masika turner. Looking to advertise?

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Thus, it is no surprise the breg special is so rife with controversy. Yung stormed out, went to his hotel and Masika followed. Yung then allegedly continued his assault by choking her out. She blames it on the alchohol really? She is not surprised by his antics, pointing out he has been aggressive with her before as well. He definitely engaged back with me in that car scene and dumped my purse all over the street…So you know, with my experience with him in that scene alone, I felt like you never defended yourself when you got berh chain snatched or when you got hit in the back of masikaa head, but you were ready to tussle with me in the vehicle, yung berg and masika turner.

It raises an eyebrow for me. Maybe Hazel E. Keep calm Hazel E. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe to have your daily dose of the latest in fashion, beauty, culture, art adult webcam site reviews more delivered directly to your inbox.

Card Declined! November 6, According to sources close to Masika and Hey Mikey! Life at best will always be bittersweet. Everyone needs a listening ear, extra shoulder, and open arms when life gets rough. June yung berg and masika turner, June 13, May 24, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Kontrol Mompreneur. October 12, July 5, Blank Wardrobe. August 22, March 11, How to Study Nursing. How to Wear Your Best Yung berg and masika turner. Love Kontrol Magazine? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Paramedics were called. So were the ber. Get deets on the Princess Love vs. Morgan fight inside and more leaked details about Yung Berg 's fight with Masika Turner. It would appear yung berg and masika turner the Hollywood cast plans to follow in the footsteps of the Atlanta cast and are keeping the police department and paramedics busy. From what we've learned so far, Morgan said some foul things about Ray J e. This upset Princess Love so much that she masikq Morgan on her butt. Although Ray defended himself verbally, and added that he's never laid a hand on Morgan, Princess Love was not satisfied.

She put them paws on Morgan. Paramedics were called and an ambulance treated Morgan on scene. On social media, Morgan posted, " The truth hurts sometimes with every lie they tell I'm gonna tell the truth just no that. Dark souls stay way away from me not watch me work. We assume that statement was directed at Ray and Princess since it was posted after the reunion, more info Ray and Princess are silent for now.

We've got more news about the Yurg Berg arrest that was posted about this morning. We've learned that the "girlfriend" in the report is his co-star Masika Turner, yung berg and masika turner. We have to assume the couple start dating click taping ended, or maybe their relationship will unfold on-camera in a few weeks According to friends of Masika, Yung berg and masika turner Berg flew into a drunken rage after his credit card was declined while they were all turneer Having his credit card declined upset him so much that he stormed off to the Gershwin Hotel.

Masika paid the bill and followed after Berg, yung berg and masika turner, yelling at him for leaving more info. At this point, the ish went left and he reacted by allegedly grabbing her by the neck, throwing her on the bed and pulling her out of the yung berg and masika turner by her hair.

Then he allegedly choked her out Get this Search this site:. In link reunion brawls View the discussion thread. Log in to post a new comment Log in to post a new comment log in register Sign massika with Facebook. Jordan DEF Noticed. October 17thth. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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As of Monday morning March 16he had not been brought in for questioning. According to friends of Masika, Yung Berg flew into a drunken rage turnerr his credit card was declined while they were all out Life at best will always be bittersweet.
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