Event Info

Eeyore’s Birthday Party is the The Iconic Outdoor Party Event In Austin! It’s an awesome, free charity event held every year in Austin’s Pease District Park. It’s typically held on the last Saturday of April. In 2015 the event will be on April 25th.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party is essentially a giant outdoor costume party with live music, beer, food, and a variety of activities. All food and beer sales go to support worthy charities. The event is frequented by children and families, with specific events presented for them by the event organizers.

But it isn’t just a family event! Eeyore’s Birthday Party is attended by people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. Austin’s hippie community puts in a major appearance at the event, which they celebrate by forming large drum circles in various areas of the park. It’s a costume party, and many of the costumes tend to be a bit risqué.

So although it’s considered a “family event”, plan to keep an open mind when attending! It does get pretty wild, especially if you stay after 4:00pm. I mean, it IS a party after all!

And y’all know – no one throws a party like Austin! So put on your costume and come prepared for a fun, wild time!

The Next Eeyore’s Birthday Party Event is April 25th 2015. Mark Your Calendar!

For official event information, including dates, times, and parking instructions, please see www.eeyores.org
For a history of the event, check out the Wikipedia article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eeyore’s_Birthday_Party